Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Few Thoughts...

Hello there! Rob and I are about to leave Glasgow for the first time since we arrived, and we are so excited! If not a little nervous…this adventure will put Rob in the driver’s seat of a UK car for the first time, and I’m currently up in the air about our chances of survival.  Granted, he’s a good driver…should it be I in the drivers seat; well…death. For sure. I’d probably hit a stationary sign the wrong way. It’s been known to happen before! Rob has just left to pick up the rental by himself. We’ll see if he makes it back alive.

Our last week and a bit in Glasgow have been full of new experiences. When you live abroad, it feels like everything is thrilling. From the location of the washing machine (the kitchen) to the extra hot water in the hot water tap (I’ve started washing my hands with cold water, as they are too delicate to be scalded every time. I’ll live with the germs), our minds are constantly blown. It’s probably a bit embarrassing for us to admit, but whilst surrounded in an old city with tons of culture, our favorite thing to do is to go to the grocery store to check out all the products we don’t have at home.

Fear not though. We have managed to add some culture to our life. The other day, we embarked on what came to be known as our “religious adventure”. We checked out the oldest house in Glasgow, Provand’s Lordship, which was built in 1471. We also went to the Glasgow Cathedral, which is the only mainland Scottish Cathedral left standing after the Reformation (sometimes we Protestants can be real jerks…destroying old churches. Sorry Catholic friends). We checked out the St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, which showcased the main religions of the world. Finally, we walked through the most massive graveyard I have ever seen, the Glasgow Necropolis. It is a Victorian graveyard, with over 50,000 people buried. It was beautiful, but definitely not something I would wander through at night.  

We have also explored the University of Glasgow, visited the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Botanical Gardens, and the Hunterian Museum.  We have ventured downtown to Buchanan Square, which has tons of beautiful shops. Rob says I’m not allowed to buy anything until we move into our new home. And then…it’s shopping time!! I may or may not bring him with me. Sometimes it’s better to shop without common sense dragging you down. Right?

Our most exciting adventures have of course been the hunt for a flat. For those of you following us on Facebook, you’ll know that we have been blessed with the most gorgeous flat we could imagine. It is about a ten-minute walk from the university, is two blocks off the street we wanted to be close to, is spacious, has crown molding, fancy leather couches, a fireplace, a garden view, a claw foot tub…the whole nine yards. We take possession on Tuesday, and are planning to try our hand at a little “vlogging” (i.e. video blogging), so that we can take you all on a tour of our place. I am so anxious to start nesting. We’ve been “homeless” since May 3, and we are both excited to make the new flat our home. I won’t tell you how many times I’ve visited the Ikea website nor how many times my mind has wandered to d├ęcor ideas. I think we will be feeling like newlyweds setting up their house for the first time next week, minus all the bickering that goes along with setting up house with a new person for the first time. Ha, who am I kidding. We’ll happily bicker our way through it. It’s what we do!

Until then, we are off on a little adventure. We are heading up to the Highlands/Loch Ness area this weekend. Being Munro’s, there is family history in the area, so we plan on visiting the area where Rob’s Grandpa was born, as well as touring the grounds of the Munro castle. I am secretly hoping Rob will be recognized as a long lost knight or Lord. That’d be alright. We are also going to visit Rob’s favorite whisky distillery, check out Loch Ness, walk through some hills, and maybe see a castle or two. You know, normal weekend things. I am really looking forward to this adventure. I think I may shed a few tears of joy when I first see the Highlands. It is up there on my list of things to do, along with running through the Austrian hills, belting out “The hills are allliiivveeee, with the sound of mussiiccc.” (I realize it isn’t actually Austria where it was filmed, but still. Up there on my list of awesome European things. But I’ve digressed, sorry).  On Sunday, we are treating ourselves to a belated anniversary gift, and checking into the Fairmont St. Andrews. We justify this by having booked a hostel for our first three nights away. If I don’t cry when I see the Highlands, I will definitely have a weep or two over the Fairmont. I am my Father’s daughter in many ways; including an obsession with Fairmont’s. Then it’s back to Glasgow for ONE MORE NIGHT in a hotel before we FINALLY unpack the suitcases for good.

Well friends, I hope this update is enough to abate your curiosity until our next post.  To our praying friends, thank you for praying. We are thrilled with the apartment, and overwhelmed by God’s blessings for us. If you think of it, please continue to pray for Rob’s job situation. He’s applied to five companies, and we are waiting to see if any bite.  We are confident that that whatever he ends up with will be good, even if it differs from our expectations.

We love and miss you, dear Canada (and our few American friends). Until next time, take care!

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